Pam S Dunn lives in Angels Camp, in California’s gold country, a town where nothing of note has happened since Mark Twain wrote the Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and where the definition of a road is “something passable by two mules going in either direction,” but she wouldn’t live elsewhere.

Born in Ohio to a family of native Kentuckians, her characters in novels and short stories face any number of personal and social challenges. Pam has a B.A. in Literature/Creative Writing from the University of California Santa Cruz, where she developed a passion for Women’s Studies, Victorian Literature, and Celtic Mythology. She also has a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University, which provided opportunities to work in Special Collections, adult reference, and systems administration.

Pam is married, and she and her husband have two daughters and some grandkids. She loves the ocean, redwoods, and the mountains and can become easily lost in historical research on one thing or another.

Her most recent writing is included in Filles Vertes’ holiday anthology Link by Link, due out in December. Her other works include: Shifting Sands Anthology, “Retirement,” Out of the Fire Anthology; “Sunflowers,” Suisun Valley Review #32; and “Who Reads Anymore,” A Taste of Literary Elegance: Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate. Her debut novel THE SIBYL’S LEAVES is going out to agents.

More about her work can be found at Pam is on Twitter at @pamsdunn.