THE ROCK AND ROLL BUBBLE is a literary/historical novel about a young woman’s coming of age—a tale of love, loss and obsession, survival, self-invention, and the true cost of celebrity in the 70’s music scene where there are no rules and no soft landings.



Married to former rocker Mike Bledsoe, now turned classical musician and teacher, Candy spends her days trying to fit into the normal life he craves. But as her daytime world begins to close in around her, at night, she seeks escape at the Grotto, a blues rock club, reliving her troubled past full of superstars, groupies, drugs, and backstage passion. When her husband’s brother Rick, now a superstar guitarist, returns and wants to pick up their relationship where they left off, she is faced once again with the Rock and Roll Bubble’s unbearable beauty and hard reality. It is Rick and his brother Mike and their competitive and sometimes violent relationship that will prove to be Candy’s most frightening and painful lesson of all.



cover art Girl Underwater ©Geoff Taylor