Sometimes, looking into the stained-glass window at your mirror reflection, what you see is your destiny.


Reclusive artist Daphne Blue lives alone with her cat and her lost wax creations. When her Northern California cottage is destroyed by wildfire, her dad offers refuge in their ancestral home, the once elegant Sapphire Villa in Santa Cruz. Now in her forties, Daphne is ready to solve the mysteries surrounding the women in her past: her grandmother Sybil, a famous actress who dabbled in the occult; her mother Amber, the writer of the screenplay Medea; Sarah, her father’s mother; and the lovely mistress of the manor, Amelia.

While her dad, former actor and famed surfer Jason Blue, would like to bury his memories of 1989, the year her mother returned to Santa Cruz, Daphne cannot let it go. Her life has been overshadowed by her mother’s and grandmother’s ties to a wiccan coven and the movie industry—ties which resulted in Daphne’s own exploration into Chaos and dark goddesses as an actress and witch. The more she learns, the more their fates appear to link to the beautiful Amelia trapped in the stained-glass window and to one man, Amelia’s stepfather, roguish Major William Hamilton, the original owner of the elaborate mansion on Beach Hill—a member of a secret society, a murderer, and a suicide.

Brought together again after so many years apart, Daphne and her father must confront their inability to express love while avoiding a war with the ghosts haunting their pasts.